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We will implement your ideas!


If you have ideas and for materializing them you look for a partner who always consider your interest and make decisions according to technical aspects, then you are at the right company.

We have capacities to handle bigger projects and also help smaller and startup companies to achieve their goals.

See our general portfolio, send us an e-mail or contact us by phone.

Software development

Design and development of high reliability systems, mobile application, desktop clients and web applications.

Hardware design and manufacturing

Schematic Design, PCB Design and Manufacturing, Microcontroller Programming (Atmel / MSP43OArm / etc.) Embedded Linux Programming Programming device controllers and desktop applications under Windows / Linux / Mac OS X systems.

CNC mechanics and 3D prototype production

If you already have an idea or plan for what kind of product you want to produce, we will help you with it. We are also at your disposal to make a cnc prototype recommended for production preparation, and we can also make a cost-effective 3D prototype for you.