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Fetaphon Home Monitoring System

Device suitable for home monitoring for pregnant women

Fetaphon is suitable for recording fetal heart rate, uterus contraction and fetal movements in home conditions, without the help of another person. The device senses the fetal heartsound in a passive way, it does not emit any harmful energy.

The measured data is forwarded automatically to the evaluation center through cellphone network GPRS connection. The result of the evaluation is accessible (with authorization).

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Fetaphon operational principle

Fetaphon is an international patent in the creation of which designing engineers, doctors and their enthusiastic teams worked constantly. FETAPHON is a medical instrument (cardiotocograph – CTG) certified by international CE license, which is protected by several international patent besides Hungarian.

Fetaphon fetal heart sound monitoring system is made according to a new, unique method protected by Hungarian patent and it works in an absolutely passive way. The sensor does not emit any radiation (not even ultrasound), it is a high sensibility acoustic tool suitable for solely the recording of fetal heart sounds. It magnifies the natural heart sounds, so it is really the embrio's heart sound that is audible.

It makes possible to monitor and record the fetal heart sounds and the uterine contractions even in home conditions. The measurement can be done by the pregnant mom without any help.
CTG provides important information for the obstetrist in the 3. trimester of pregnancy about the embrio's in utero status and by the uterine contractions even the expected date of childbirth can be estimated.

The regular CTG examination helps the early recognition of fetal peril, the prevention and screening of in utero impairment for the sake of the embrio's safety. On Fetaphon the evaluation of the measurement can be done by the mom's own obstetrist without even meeting her during the examination.

The evaluation is done by the doctor on Fetaphon's own online interface. After evaluation the doctor sends the mom a message about the result of the examination, and gives further instructions if needed. The message appears on the display of the pregnant woman's device.


Magyar Telekom gears up for the Hungarian eHealth market 2011.05.11.

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